welcome f71

Welcome F71

What’s new with the moos? Welcome F71! Innovation, Reliability and Efficiency at your service! Cow health starts at the teat. Healthy teats come from good prep procedures.  And here at Puli-sistem we can do all ...

healthy cow with f60

New video F488

F488, an always more established teat scrubber that helps dairy farms go in the right way and loved by the cows! Check out our video!       

Our F60 was “blessed” by the French Monks too.

Our F60 was “blessed” by the French Monks too. We succeed in making the Monks of Monastere Notre Dame, in their farm La Ferme du Plateau at Carcanieres, happy, thanks to our French dealer Mrs. ...

Summer Has Come Back

It’s summer time and vacations are just around the corner, but we know that farmers do not have holidays as dairy farming is not just an occupation, it’s a way of life and cows have ...

puli-sistem benefits to your milking routine

The Puli-sistem family keeps growing

One more step The Puli-sistem family keeps growing! Companies who trust in the efficiency of Puli-sistem products are more and more numerous. Holm&Laue, a German company focused on the calf well-being, and Mr. NeJc Dolenc, ...

Cows Mastitis: preventative measures

Cows Mastitis: preventive measures

Research on mastitis says that this disease is mainly due to the bad hygienical conditions of the parlors.
 This is true, as the mastitis is a bacterial infection and bacteria use to flourish in unhealthy ...

Opti-blend and Chlorine Dioxide for disinfection

Opti-blend and Chlorine Dioxide for disinfection

4 months ago we launched our new and innovative product: the Tri-blending (check it out on the following link http://www.puli-sistem.net/the-tri-blending-revolution-site-hygiene-technology/) This blending device is based on proprietary formulations that fulfill a wide range of on-site ...