cow brush

Cow Brush

Keep your cows calm and clean

Looking for revolution?

Check out our renewed cow brush!

This oscillating brush is designed to improve cow health and wellbeing.

It starts to rotate on contact, and the brush keeps turning at an animal-friendly speed. Moreover, the cow can be groomed on a very wide surface, going from the side to the back, according to the needs of the animal itself.

The hourglass shape of our cow brush allows brushing cows in any position they are, or from any directions they approach the brush. No systems for directing the cows to a predetermined position are required, cows are free to move around the brush. Actually, it has been proven that in this way the cows approach the brush more frequently.

Look at the other important advantages of our brush:

– the brush length allows all cows to get brushed, no matter their size

– removal of dead hair

– quick and easy to install and also easy to keep clean

– increased herd performance, higher milk production and improved mastitis control.

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