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Latex Mattresses

Promote natural cow behavior and well-being

Puli-sistem Latex Mattresses follow an innovative design that is meant to guarantee the right balance between softness and resistance. 

Thanks to their special structure, our Latex Mattresses are able to absorb loads of any kind without deforming. They always go back to their original thickness.

Our Latex Mattresses have a special open-cell structure that allows air to go through, thus reducing the incidence of udder skin irritation.

Reduced cubicles maintenance in terms of time and cost.

Soft, comfortable, no-slip surface, prevents accidental falls and consequent bruises.

Latex density is 150kg/cubic meter.

Black&Beige Top Layer.

Made in polypropylene, it is a 100% waterproof, high-performance, non-slip fabric surface that allows urine to slip off and preserves the best hygienic conditions for your cows. Non-toxic and anti-allergic.

A special coating of waterproof, vulcanized rubber is spread underneath the Top Layer to guarantee perfect thermic insulation.

Available: 5 cm ot 7 cm thick.

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