O Three: Ozone Generator

Let a New Era Begin

Ozone is the most powerful disinfecting agent on earth and also one the safest tools for sanitation you could use on your cows.

It is more effective than any other chemicals in destroying viruses and bacteria. Actually, ozone is 3000 times faster and 300 times stronger than Chlorine and Iodine in killing Ecoli, Staphylococcus Aureus and Cryptosporidium.

Ozone in water is not harsh and it provides a noticeable improvement in the condition of the teat, while reducing the bacteria in the milk, the cross contamination and the diseases on each cow. This process allows you to save money and time on daily operations. Actually, ozonation utilizes a short contact time. It is a cost – efficient choice because by using ozone you improve water consumption, milk production and cows health.

Check it out! You never waste water! You will only use the amount of water you need in order to clean your cows teats, thanks to the recycling system. Moreover, you will eliminate all the chemical costs. Ozone, as a gas, must be generated and used on-site so it cannot be stored. Ozone disinfection is safe and reliable. It has no negative impact on the environment, nor on operators. In effect, the undissolved ozone gas goes into a destruct unit and it gets backs to oxygen. Let a new and more consistent routine begin in your parlor!

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