100% hygiene with Ozone

Our clients’ main goal is to produce high quality and 100% safe milk.

Now, thanks to the use of Ozone, you can rest assured: this gas is a guarantee for an utter hygiene.

This is why our technology uses Ozone as a disinfectant in the pre – dipping operations.

Achieve the maximum hygiene standard during the milking processes and ensure your cattle health! This will translate into an excellent milking production.

Keep in mind! The main way to increase your dairy’s bottom line is to improve your cattle health.

For these reasons, we have planned our OTSS: Ozone – integrated teat scrubbing device.

Ozone is an environmentally friendly alternative for disinfection, and it is becoming increasingly popular: it is a powerful oxidant who aggressively and quickly destroys bacteria and virus.

Ozone provides a more effective sterilization than any other chemical products, without living any residue.

If you use ozonated water to clean and disinfect the cows’ teat, you will enhance your water consumption, you will improve your milking production and the animal health while decreasing the illnesses and the deaths.

Check it out! High quality and safe milk springs from an efficient disinfecting routine of your cattle!