A new relationship with animals is possible?

Since forever, the nature and its fauna have their own rules. These rules have been supported by the need of existence and by the spontaneous inclination to the harmonious balance.

We might ask what humankind has to do with this, as of course it is part of this context even if it is prompted by different reasons. We can say that nature knows what it has to do in order to find its balance; instead, for the human being the main “hobby” is to damage the magnificent framework where it is immersed.

We know that due to the human work, the forests are disappearing together to a healthy environment that our ancestors remembered.

During millennials, the man has competed to this primordial balance and it has created new animals and vegetal species for its use and consumption.

If we look at the society where we live, we figure out that the man is not as omnipotent as it seems. Find a balance between the need of existence and the nature safety is the dilemma on which many people are thinking about.

The article 9 of the Italian constitution recites: “the Republic promotes the development of culture and of scientific and technical heritage. It safeguards the landscape and the historic and artistic assets of the Country. It safeguards the environment, the biodiversity and the ecosystems, for future generations’ interest too.

In addition, the article no. 41 recites: “The economic private initiative is free. It cannot be performed against social utility or in a way, that damages the health, the environment, the safety, the freedom, the human dignity. The law decides what plans and controls are good to coordinate the public and private economic activity for social and environmental purposes

Lastly, the article no. 13 of the Agreement on the management of UE affirms that: «…The Union and the Member States must, as animals are sentient beings, pay attention to the animal’s needs. In addition, they have to respect the administrative and legislative actions of the Member States that concerns in particular religious rituals, cultural traditions and regionals heritage. »

In every historic era, we have to appeal to our good sense and to our capacity of collaboration to find concrete ways of implementation of these legislations.

Maybe the main parameter that can guide our thought is the respect for life.

Mucca felice su un prato alpino

Actually, Puli-sistem has the aim to develop a technology designed for the animals’ well-being, a technology created to reduce the mastitis, for example, and to decrease inflammations and infections.