World Ag Expo, California

Puli-sistem is exhibiting all over the world

Puli-sistem continues our goal to spread the message of a better and more consistent cow prep around the world.
A special thanks to our team Dairy Doctor in St. Petersburg; our team Agromodern in the Netherlands, our team Melken in Switzerland and our Italian staff in California!
We are so excited to make both our loyal and new dealers and both our loyal and new farmers more and more confident about our teat scrubbers.
We know that good prep is a challenge and teat cleanliness is important no matter if you’re in the first hour of milking or the eight. So consistency is key from beginning to end, especially when worker fatigue is involved. And here at Puli-sistem we can do all you need for healthy teats.
Thanks to all our teat scrubbers you will reduce the conventional pre-milking procedure to several seconds of prep and you can greatly improve prepping consistency.
If you happen to be at a farm show where Puli-sistem takes part in, don’t miss the opportunity to stop at our booth and see our teat scrubbers first-hand.