Amazing experience and event in Crimea

A few weeks ago, we’ve flown to the Republic of Crimea.

The large and well-known Crimea Farming company from Pervomajsk, which milks 3.000 cows 3 times per day inside a parallel double 25, has installed a F488 Double system with the aim of improving the conditions of its parlor in terms of hygiene, cost savings, time and above all with the aim of improving the quality of the milk.

Following our installation, the owner, Mr. Chubar Vladimir, has allowed “Alta Genetics” to organize and introduce at his company an important event: the “Showcase Crimea 2019”, which was attended by dozens of local farmers.

Alta Genetics is a company that deals with the improvement and genetic reproduction of livestock worldwide. These events are unique opportunities to explore the various management strategies adopted by modern dairy companies. The producers who open the doors of their companies and host these events are some of the most important customers of the American dairy industry.

Thanks to their experience, farmers from all over the world learn and know new ways of managing their work, new nutritional programs, as well as various existing and state-of-the-art establishments and parlors.

Every day we are witnessing the progress of technology also in the agricultural sector and being on the cutting edge means being able to go through the times by showing the intention of adopting new ideas, new farming techniques and of thinking about new formulas and new approaches: that’s the secret to a successful farmer who cares about animal welfare and the economic sustainability of his breeding.