An International Company

Our internationality is our pride and joy, as well as a responsibility that we want to live up to.

Being an international company means making investments in research to improve our products quality. It also means building and maintaining good relationships with our distributors and traveling the world to meet them.

As of today, our distributors come from:

Canada, the USA, Brazil, Chile, South Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand, Finland, Denmark, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Spain, Morocco, South Africa, Namibia, Belarus.

Whenever a customer calls us from a new country, we ask him to put us in contact with his dairy systems provider. We ask the provider if he wants to become our dealer in the area, then we go meet him and help him with his first installations, training him on system functioning and maintenance.  This is how we ensure a thorough product assistance to all of our customers.

Each and every Puli-sistem user can count on specialized technical assistance, which is great!

This great business network is the core substance of our job and we do our best in order to preserve it and make it thrive.

Also, all of our deliveries are organized in the most timely manner, granting products safe arrival at destination.