Animal Tech in Czech Republic: a big success for the Puli-Sistem products

The Animal Tech farm show has just ended and it took place in Czech Republic from September 5th to 8th.

Our dealer, the Lacto Pro Company, exhibited in this show and it has received a gold medal from the magazine Nas Chow for our F71 teat scrubber. Our product has been rewarded for its innovative technology that plays an important role in the animal life.

Here you find an excerpt of the article published in the magazine Nas Chov where they talk about us:

“The journalists from the magazine´´Náš chov´´ have decided to honor the Puli-sistem F71 product, distributed by the company Lacto Pro. This system washes, dries and disinfects the cows’ teats and it simultaneously stimulates a faster milk letdown. It guarantees a correct hygiene of each cow and of the entire herd. The Puli-sistem F71 allows the production of high quality milk and it is really effective in the fight against mastitis.
According to the feedback of many final users, this unit makes the work in the parlor easier. It cleans and disinfects the teats efficiently, before milking, and at the same time, it stimulates the teats completely. So the milkers will save a lot of manual labor.”