Animals health and production efficiency in the dairy farms

We are in a more and more digital word, where we can connect with everyone through networking sites. This recent landscape offers new solutions that put together the animals health and productivity, with the advantage of a better management of the information and of a sustainable use of the natural resources.

The production efficiency, the animals health and the digitalization are the key for successful dairy farms in these days and in the years to come as well.

A dairy farm where the pre-milking routine and the milking practices are digitalized allow a better performance: the animals are healthier, the milk is of high quality, and in addition, you can collect several data to optimize the profit and the sustainable management of the natural resources.

Farmers need great know-how and efficient digital technologies.

For this reason, from 1989 Puli-sistem puts the technology in the first place.

Our main mission is to supply technological innovations to the farmers in order to improve the well-being of their animals and to enhance their profit as well.

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In this historical time period is always more and more important to move on to a digitalization of your dairy farm. Choose to increase your profit with the digitalization of your dairy.

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