Another Happy Customer, in Israel, Italy and Canada

With Puli-sistem you will improve your milking efficiency. Always.

Many parlors lack the consistency in the milking routine. With a standardized milking routine would have much lower rates of clinical mastitis.

It’s really important to avoid the human variability for getting a better consistency. Automatic teat scrubbers are often introduced to remove human variability from the milking process.

The company Eox Ltd in Israel has just become our new dealer.

As per our policy we tend to do the first installation ourselves and training our distributors. So they can easily and quickly learn how to set up the system and they can do the next installations with their own staff. 

Of course, also in Italy, farmers are aware that it can be a challenge to make sure cows are clean and sanitized before milking.  

For this reason, the farm Campo di Ferro in Casalbuttano, with 350 cows, has decided to install our F60 teat scrubber in its parallel milking parlor (a double 14).
In addition, knowing that it is important to reduce the incidence of lameness, we have installed our Footbrush as well. If you want to maintain good hoof health in your herd without taking too much time, the Puli-sistem footbath with its three baths delivers what you need.

These are all factors that will have a positive impact on your bottom line, better than you might expect.

Also across the ocean, Puli-sistem North America is at the service of the farmers.

Rob Krijnen keeps installing the F488 in small to medium sized dairies, from 150 up to 700 cows. 

Our teat scrubber is quick and easy to use, helping dairy farms provide the best quality milk and ensure that the cow herd is healthy. 

The health of your cows is the most important factor for having a high quality milk.

We are here to your’ s success and we know that happy cows = happy farmers = happy life.

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