Another Puli-Sistem Installation

We are happy to announce another successful installation!

This time, through the kind collaboration of our dealer Mr. Otvos Laszlo of the “Dairy Service KFT”, we went to Hungary to Kazsok in a farm where they milk 1500 cows 3 times per day in a 72 stalls rotary parlor.

Thanks to our F71 MAXI this company has eliminated the use of paper towels, reduced costs, reduced times but above all has increased milk quality: good hygiene is at the base of an excellent farm production!

Our teat-scrubber system, as well as providing productive and financial benefits, gives well-being to cows. That’s why during the pre-milking phase the teats are massaged and stimulated and the result is immediately obvious: fast milk letdown!

All this makes life easier for both cows and you, Farmers!