secrets for a successful farm: consistent premilking routine

Another secret of a successful farm is a consistent premiIking routine

Proper and consistent premilking procedures are your best friends when it comes to harvesting high quality milk, and ensuring healthy and productive cows. 

Consistency plays a key role in the premilking routine and thanks to our teat scrubber, you will have more and more regular milking practices.

Consistency is your ace in the hole, because consistent procedures in the parlor can improve overall efficiency, make happier cows and strengthen your bottom line.

Check it out! Our teat scrubber is more consistent from employee to employee, cow to cow and shift to shift.

Only one step, this is the secret of our technology: with both the traditional F60 and the innovative F488, you will simplify the premilking procedures into one, easy step.

Research has documented a greater lactation milk yield when a consistent milking routine was used compared to variable milking routine.  Achieving consistency can become a challenge when a number of different people are milking cows. By using our teat scrubber, you will avoid the problem of a variable milking routine. Our teat scrubber is a clear example of one size fits all.