Another World Dairy Expo is over

Every year we are always looking forward for the World Dairy Expo. It is important to us to have a presence here because it is a big event with a lot of people. 

Actually, it usually takes six months of preparation for this week-long show. We planned and designed the booth, we thought about everything from what we will have in the booth and what banners we will hang to what literature we will sell out. We try to plan the booth by always keeping in mind our goals because we want to make sure that the marketing aspect is being seen in it.

It’s very much the superbowl of the dairy industry. We have five days of potential new customers and existing customers. Actually, it is very beneficial to meet with existing customers face-to-face. We can ask them if we are meeting their needs, if they are happy with our products and services, and what we can do to improve our products. Of course, this farm show is also a great place to try to get new clients. We always enjoyed our time with all the international people we met. We usually talk to people from 30 countries during the World Dairy Expo.

Every year we had a great time during this show, thanks to our amazing Puli-sistem staff, who help promoting our business, and thanks to all the people who stopped at our booth.

Scroll through the album to see how we enjoyed our 16th World Dairy Expo.