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Big News

Big news

We have honored our promise to design and build products to improve the life of farmers and the animal under their care: we introduce you our brand-new “Control unit”.

“Control unit” is an innovative control panel with outstanding features studied for controlling the job of all our recent versions of teat scrubber.

A technology that came up with customizing the job according to your needs, so you farmer will choose with which of our teat scrubber you will create a consistent and efficient pre-milking routine.

“Control unit” is a very useful tool for managing your parlor. Our “7” touch screen display will tell you what’s happening in your parlor in real time.

In addition, you can get very useful data for monitoring the performance of our teat scrubbers, and based on need, you can change some values that are already set up. With the “Control Unit”  you can work on unlimited adjustments for different parlor configurations.

Since 30 years our goal is to create innovative technologies for improving the life of farmers and the well-being of their cows to the advantage of the quality of their milk.