puli-sistem benefits to your milking routine

The Puli-sistem family keeps growing

One more step The Puli-sistem family keeps growing! Companies who trust in the efficiency of Puli-sistem products are more and more numerous. Holm&Laue, a German company focused on the calf well-being, and Mr. NeJc Dolenc, ...

Cows Mastitis: preventative measures

Cows Mastitis: preventive measures

Research on mastitis says that this disease is mainly due to the bad hygienical conditions of the parlors.
 This is true, as the mastitis is a bacterial infection and bacteria use to flourish in unhealthy ...

Opti-blend and Chlorine Dioxide for disinfection

Opti-blend and Chlorine Dioxide for disinfection

4 months ago we launched our new and innovative product: the Tri-blending (check it out on the following link http://www.puli-sistem.net/the-tri-blending-revolution-site-hygiene-technology/) This blending device is based on proprietary formulations that fulfill a wide range of on-site ...