A breath of fresh air to your parlor, thanks to the teat scrubber

Bring a breath of fresh air to your parlor, thanks to the teat scrubber!

For years, the premilking preparation has been long lasting and arduous. Here are the steps of the conventional method:

  1. Forestrip 3 streams of milk per quarter
  2. Apply predipping solution using a dip cup, allowing at least 30 seconds of contact time
  3. Dry with a cloth towel
  4. Attach the milking unit

But nowadays things have changed!

Puli-sistem has invented a new procedure for the premilking process that is definitely faster and easier. Only two steps and your cows are ready for milking: 

  1. Apply the disinfectant solution
  2. Dry the teat

It’s simple, isn’t it?

The teat scrubber is a system that consists of three rotating brushes. When the milker press the trigger, the brushes rotate and a sanitizing solution is dispensed.

So, in the cleaning phase you apply the disinfectant solution on each teat.

Otherwise, in the second step the brushes keep rotating without the disinfectant solution with the objective of removing moisture from teats.

It’s time to let a new era begin in your parlor!

  1. The use of the teat scrubber clearly helped to make the teat preparation process more consistent.
  2. Every cow is prepped in the same way and in the same time.
  3. Time saving with more cows milked per hour.
  4. Greater reduction of bacteria.
  5. Money saving.