Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show and World Dairy Expo: We Were There!

World Dairy Expo and Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show are two of the world biggest agricultural trade fairs and a can’t-miss opportunity for dairy farmers and anybody who works in the dairy field. They really bring the small, medium and large producers together and offer a huge variety of products and services that cater to all farmers’ needs.

This was our fifth time in Canada and twelfth time in Wisconsin, and we had a really good time as always!

In particular, the WDE was a big success thanks to the launch of our newest products: the F488 Teat Scrubber and the revolutionary Othree, the first ever ozone-integrated dairy cows prep system.

Thanks to the big help of our Canadian distributor, Rob Krijnen, and to our new booth location in the Coliseum, so many people were able to visit us, meet the staff and get to know our complete product line. Many of our customers also dropped by to say hi. It is important for us to get their feedback on our products and to make sure that they are still happy with the way we take care of their needs. We want to say a big thank you to all of our visitors coming from all around the world, thank you for being there, it was an amazing time that we spent together!

Last but not least, on a very personal note… aw, the awesome steak sandwiches! And the yummy grilled cheese during lunch break! Soooooo good!