what farmers say about us

Check out what farmers say about us

Everyday our distributors share with us their positive feedback on our products and our job.

Here below you find some comments on our teat scrubber, coming from all around the world.

See for yourself! Our systems speak for themselves!

Cows love being massaged by our teat scrubber. This massage provides perfect udder stimulation, allowing for faster and more productive milking sessions.

It is well known that every farm operation is different, but all have a common goal: to run a successful farm with happy and productive cows, in order to have a high quality milk.

This is why Puli-sistem is the present and the future of your cows. 

Talk with your local dealer to learn more on how our system can enhance your milk production and quality.   Fall in love with our teat scrubber and become a happy farmer and a content Puli-Sistem customer.

Take a look to some feedback from our customers:

“I’m very happy so far, cows are very content, stand very quiet, very clean teats, the scrubber runs 21hrs a day, we milk 1.850 cows, 3 times x day. The brushes still look great and the scrubber works really smooth!! 👍” – South Dakota farmer.

“Yesterday we milked 2 265 cows. Our total litres was 86 000.  This is the highest litres in the history of our farm.  Also the highest head of cattle.  All this in an hour quicker! We improve our parlor throughput while saving time. So we want to say: THANKS PULI-SISTEM TEAT SCRUBBER!” – Cj Neethling, South Africa farmer.

“By using the Pulisitem teatscrubber I do a very consistent prep routine, and have better stimulation of the udder. It makes life easier for both cows and people.” – Kevin Smith, farmer from Ontario, milking 100 cows.

See for yourself! Our teat scrubber makes happy cows and happy farmers as well, from all around the world!


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