Cow comfort

Your cows deserve the best treatment ever to produce a high quality milk always!

From the attention for the barns to all the pre-milking practices, your job as a farmer is demanding and that’s why Puli- sistem is always by your side with a dedicated research and technological innovation.

Pre-milking udder preparation is a fundamental stage of the milking process, with 3 specific functions:

  • prevent the spread of contagious bacteria
  • ensure the hygiene of the milking process
  • get teats ready to be milked

These operations consist in cleaning and drying teats before milking cluster attachment, and represent a well-proven practice to prevent and control mastitis, stimulate milk letdown and facilitate milking.

Here Puli-sistem teat scrubbers play a role to improve the cows comfort, in favor of the health and the well-being of the animal. Actually, with our teat scrubbers you create a consistent cleaning process, with cleaner teats every time.

Our cow comfort approach takes into account the entire needs of the cow to ensure that your herd gets the best possible treatment and stays healthy, strong and productive.

Our unique brush cover design ensures teats are properly aligned, namely they are not stressed and they are entirely disinfected and dried. In addition, our flexible drive cable was designed in order to make the scrubber reach the teats easily and in the same time cows stay in a natural position .

It’s important to improve the welfare of your animals in order to increase their productivity, because happy cows produce more milk and make happier farmers.