Cows Mastitis: preventative measures

Cows Mastitis: preventive measures

Research on mastitis says that this disease is mainly due to the bad hygienical conditions of the parlors.
 This is true, as the mastitis is a bacterial infection and bacteria use to flourish in unhealthy conditions.

Cows mastitis is an infection of the mammary gland and of all the udder as well. 
Mastitis is one of the main widespread disease of the cows, but it can affect any other mammal in lactation.

When the bacteria reach the udder through the teats, they found all what they need for surviving and so they grow rapidly.
The metabolic substances of these bacteria cause the poisoning of the udder, and they provoke the infection.
Actually, the infection is an autoimmune reaction of the cow to the toxic metabolites released by the bacteria.

Keep in mind that the mastitis might be caused by some chemical, mechanical and thermic damages of the cows udder.

Anyway, the mastitis is an expensive disease for its therapy; in addition to the damages on the animals, the use of medicines to treat it can threaten the milk quality for a short or a long period.

Cows mastitis is a quite devious illness; actually the farmer might not be able to notice it in the early stages. Some cows can have a mastitis without showing any obvious symptom or sign. But in this phase the disease can contaminate the other cows quickly.

How to avoid these complicated issues?

First of all, during the milking routine, pay attention to the hygiene conditions to avoid any contamination.
You need a specific care when you house your cows and when you feed them. Namely, you have to take care of everything is important for the health and the well-being of your cows.

Just a recap of the loss caused by the mastitis:

  • Farmers have to throw away their milk as it is contaminated by the drug and it cannot be sold.
  • Cows with mastitis produce less milk.
  • A possible injury in the udder will affect the milk production in the long term as well.
  • Farmers will spend more hours in extra work for the sick cows.
  • Drug and veterinary services, to take care of your sick cows, will be expensive.
  • Sick cows will have a shorter productive lifetime, due to the injuries on their udders.

If we look at the seriousness of the mastitis effects, it is important to prevent it with effective cautions.

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