pre milking routine

Foam generator

High performance automatic foaming system for pre-milking routine

The Foam generator system with a self-priming and compressed air operated pump includes:

  • one controls box with one pump
  • one pressure regulator
  • one dosing gun

These components regulate the pressure of the pump and the quantity of air needed to create foam.

The chemical product is drawn from the drums with an immediate blending, in order to guarantee a better efficiency of the chemical used and in order to make more dosing guns work simultaneously.
With a simple pressure on the lever of the dosing gun, you automatically create the foam that fills the cup where the teats are dipped into for a full covering.

Thanks to the use of the Puli-sistem Foam generator you will save time and you will improve the consistency of your pre-milking routine. Actually, it is quick and efficient to dip teats into the dense foam, thanks to the wide and deep cup of the dosing gun. By using a proper milking routine which includes pre-milking teat cleaning you can avoid unwanted residues in milk such as bacteria, manure, dirt.