German farmers see big success with our innovative technology: the Puli-sistem Foam generator.

The Foam generator is another Puli-sistem technology that contributes to get a better milk quality. We’ve just launched this product onto the market and it has already achieved resounding success.

The Puli-sistem Foam generator uses the air pressure to create a gentle and cleaning foam, that is essential for the well-being of the cows teat, as it minimizes the risk of residues contaminating the milk.

Thanks to this innovative technology, the pre-milking routine is faster, more efficient and more consistent.

Our ergonomic dosing gun handle makes it simple and convenient to apply the cleaning foam on the teats of the animal.

That’s why our German dealer Finktec relies on the Puli-sistem Foam generator: some time ago, one of their farmers has demanded a system able to produce foam every 3 seconds to disinfect his herd of 1.800 cows, milked 3 times per day in a rotary parlor of 60 stalls. Therefore, they’ve requested a technology able to be up and running for 20 hours per day, and our Foam generator was up for this challenge.

We would like to share with you the gratitude of our customer: “It was a pleasure to see how sophisticated your machine was, even on a farm with 1.800 cows the foam was consistent and produces fast enough, very impressive!