Happy buffalo, Puli-Sistem never fails to amaze!

We have achieved a goal never reached before. Our professionalism and thoroughness are paying off and we wish to share all this with you.

Today we talk about an installation never seen before!

The “Vitali farm” from Truccazzano, a few kilometers from our main headquarters in Italy, has recently become our client. The company owns 500 buffalo and 500 cows for a total of 2 daily milking.

Buffalo’s teats are different from those of the cows since they are characterized by a conical shape with a skin much more elastic and softer. As you know, our teat-scrubber has always been designed and created to satisfy and guarantee the cleanliness and hygiene of cow’s udders.

No problem! Here at Puli-Sistem we love challenges and we can safely say that we won this one too!

Our technicians and our staff commitment and professionalism generated a special version of F488 teat-scrubber that perfectly fits the particular characteristics of buffalo’s teats.

The result is obvious: happy buffalo, satisfied farmers!

This special version allows 2 different settings and the operator will use the most suitable one by simply changing the brush cover, depending whether cows or buffalo are milked.

In the Vitali Farm we haven’t only installed the new version of the F 488 but also our Dip & Spray which, as many of you already know, provides a complete, quick and hygienic coverage of the nipple for the post-milking procedures, with a drastic reduction of the risks of bacterial contamination.

We are glad to say that, as always, it is facts that count, not words! This is why, dear farmers, Puli-Sistem is and will always be a guarantee!