Happy Cows in Slovenia with our F71 Teatscrubber System!

Today we talk about another installation that took place a few days ago in Slovenia in Dobova.

Our sales manager, Mr. Giacomo Castellani, carried out the installation of our F71 teat-scrubber in a company that milks 130 cows inside a rotary parlor with 22 stalls with an internal station (the milkers milk the cows from the inside).

Hygienic prevention is the key for cow’s well-being and to improve production; Rok Curhalek, the owner of the company, understood this perfectly!

Our systems speak for themselves! Cows love being massaged and stimulated by our teat-scrubber. With Puli Sistem F71, you will be witnesses of milk production and profits increases.

Furthermore, the maintenance of our systems is minimal and this means more free time for you and your family.
Sounds like a dream, right? Try it yourself and you will never be able to do without it!