Hygiene and pre-milking routine for a high quality milk

You’ve all heard it before: “Happy cows make more milk”.

Actually, cows that are more comfortable and are free from disease and stress will make more milk.

We know that for farmers is important, to improve the productivity of their herds but even more to produce as much high quality milk as possible. Actually, contamination of milk with microorganism during milk production on the farm will have the greatest influence on milk quality.

The factors that minimize the contamination of milk with bacteria are: the health of the individual cows, barn maintenance, good hygiene at milking and proper cleaning of milking equipment.

Once again, the Puli-sistem teat scrubbers can help farmers in achieving their goals of optimizing productivity and quality milk. Actually, our systems are designed to provide proper udders preparation procedures before machine attachment to achieve best results for high quality milk.

The conventional premilking preparation consists of applying predipping solution using a dip cup, allowing some seconds of contact time and drying with a cloth towel. Instead, by using the Puli-sistem teatscrubbers you will simplify these procedures in one easy step.

Briefly, when the milking technician pulls the trigger, the brushes rotate and a sanitizing solution is dispensed. The teat scrubber is applied to each teat as a cleaning step, and then a second application of the teat scrubber is generally performed using just rotating brushes (without disinfectant solution) with the objective of removing moisture from teats.

With the Puli-sistem teat scrubbers, farmers are sure to have an efficient pre-milking routine, but they are also sure to improve milk quality, as their milk will have a lower bacterial and sediment counts.

Standardize the teat preparation process

You shouldn’t underestimate that the use of our system clearly helps to standardize the teat preparation process in the pre-milking routine. Actually, our products takes the “human deviation” out of the milking routine and it is for that that you will have high quality milk.

For example, with our teat scrubber you will clean the teat end relatively well, so you will minimize the risk of mastitis, as the teat end is the part more exposed to bacteria. An accurate cleaning like this is not always guaranteed with the manual prep.

In addition, with our products we are sure to eliminate cross contamination from teat to teat and from cow to cow, as we treat each teat separately. This virtuous practice is by far better than the drying manual procedure, where a cloth towel is used to dry the entire udder, this means a high risk of bacterial contamination.

No other pre-milking prep method can give the benefits that only the Puli-sistem teat scrubbers achieve.