In first place the Animal well-being

The number of people, who look at the label before buying eggs, cheese and meat, are increasing. As they want to know how animals have been bred.

Actually, we know that an animal, who has been bred in respect of its health, produces higher quality milk, for example in the case of cows.

Surely, in all dairy farms, you can do a lot for the animal well-being and consequently for the food we eat.

There is a data we’ve learned, namely when you buy eggs you prefer to look at the ones coming from free-range livestock (and maybe in outdoor areas). In addition, when we have realized how the flavor of the free-range eggs changes, we can’t go back.

So, we can make conscious choices as farmers but as end users as well for the animal well-being.
That’s clear, if an animal is free to move, it will be healthier and it will produce high quality products.

There are places in the world where animals are free to move (Sardinia, Pampas Argentinian, Azores islands), but these areas are remnants of a past where the animal and the environment were one with the farmer.

We don’t know if it is desirable to go back, but of course we can do a lot for giving animals the right spot where they can move.

A determining factor for the animal well-being is the nutrition and from this point of view, it’s better to favor a No Ogm nutrition.

Another important aspect is a better observance of the hygiene and safe regulations, for this reason Puli-sistem has been working since over 30 years on the study and invention of technologies that are popular all over the world.

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