Is everyone ready for the WORLD DAIRY EXPO 2022?

Here in Puli-Sistem, we’re almost ready for the departure to the World Dairy Expo 2022. It will be a pleasure to meet our old loyal customers, but also new friends.

World Dairy Expo is a very important exhibition for dairy farmers and a great opportunity for an update about new technologies, in order to increase animal welfare and milk quality.

This year we have big news for you. Here are some previews.


The Control Unit is designed to work with all our teat scrubbers and it can also handle 2 scrubbers simultaneously.
Its technology provides new functions that help farmers in managing their parlor, as it displays several important data.
We have also a model that can be connected to the local Wifi.
In this way the Control Unit is visible on the web and it is reachable from any place in the world. So you can control it from remote and verify the accuracy of all the parameters. If you need, you can adjust any value by clicking on it. In addition, when you login into the journal page you can check: the data about the shift already processed, verify if the system works correctly on each animal, check the water and chemical uses. All the saved data can be downloaded as well.



Multi mixer is a system that allows to manually mix, with adjustable doses, the quantity of any bi-component liquid chemicals, and then it automatically supplies the product with a compressed air pump.



Eco mixer is a semi-automatic system, that allows to manually mix any bi-components liquid chemicals, regardless of product density and blending concentrations.


If you’re not our customers yet, here’s a way to know something about us: here you can download our updated presentation.

We’re waiting for you in Madison, Wisconsin, for the World Dairy Expo. From 4 to 7 October 2022. Our stand is the number 184 – 184B, Arena Level, Colosseum.