maintenance f488? Not a problem!

Maintenance? Not a problem

We asked our customers how much time they spend working every day and how much time they have left for their family and for themselves.

Their average working day consists of 8, 10 or even 12 hours, which is definitely a lot, but the important thing is that, thanks to our new technology, the time for maintenance is not a problem anymore!

Puli-sistem has developed a brand-new and revolutionary product: the F488 Teat Scrubber.

With our F488, maintenance has never been so quick and easy!
The gears assembly is entirely sealed and waterproof and it does not need any maintenance, ever. Yes, that’s right: never!
Brushes are super easy to change, just as the brush cover: one single nut to unscrew and it’s done, nothing else.
Save your time!
The F488 Teat Scrubber gives you time for your family and for yourself!