Mastitis: prevention is the key

It is well known that a consistent prep routine, paired with a disinfectant solution, kills most mastitis causing pathogens greatly reducing incidents of mastitis. That’s what our teat scrubbers are for, to help you reduce the mastitis.

In one easy step the Puli-sistem teat scrubbers create a consistent cleaning process, resulting in cleaner teats and healthier cows every time.
Mastitis is considered one of the most significant and costly diseases in dairy cows and results in decreased production and profitability.

The main goals of farmers are:

  • improve udder health
  • reduce the number of treated cows in the nursery
  • maintain a comfortable work environment for their milking staff

In that sense, our customers say that Puli-sistem is a major step in achieving these goals.

For example, the conventional method of the towels is not always efficient and it is slow and wasteful, so no more towels in the parlor!

With the Puli-sistem teat scrubbers you can:

  • greatly improve prepping consistency
  • eliminate laundry and paper towels costs

It’s never too early to start your path to a towel-free parlor! Prevention is much easier than curing!

Teat cleanliness is always important no matter if you are in the first hour of milking or the eight. Consistency is the key, especially when worker fatigue is involved. For that reason, a standardized milking routine with the use of our teat scrubber, it would have much lower rates of clinical mastitis.