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Today we want to talk about our very effective system called MINI-BLENDING. It is a mixing device that allows you to mix any type of chemical detergent and disinfectant with or without water.

In the dairy sector it can work together with pre or post dipping systems. Furthermore, it can also run together with milking robot as VMS-AMR-AMS.
The system can mix different combinations of chemicals to achieve excellent performance in both pre- and post- dipping applications.

Here are some of the advantages you’ll get with our MINI-BLENDING:

  • improvement of the efficiency of the final product used, thanks to the on-site blending process
  • it avoids manual blending operations; chemical cannot get wrongly mixed and no more product waste during filling up the vessels or at the end of the milking session
  • perfect mixing regardless of product density and temperature diversity
  • maximum safety for operators, environments and animals.

MINI-BLENDING has immediately achieved a positive result. With our innovative system you will get an excellent product for the cleaning and hygiene of the udders of your herd but above all you will reduce the high number of components of chemical products, the packaging costs, storage and shipping, and at the same time you will increase resistance and stability of the on-site chemicals.

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