Music effects for milk production on cows and female buffalos

It is well known that music has good effects on people, animals and plants.

The acoustic vibrations can, surely, calm us when we are stressed out.

It seems a strange idea, but the music on cows, like for people, has a relaxing effect.

We know that cows are so much sensitive to noises that they stop the milk production.

In particular, the shouts and the slam of fences increase the heart rate by causing agitation.

An unexpected noise, like a plane that flies at a low altitude during the milking routine, can increase the production of catecholamine and so the milk flow will decrease or stop.

Cows for milk production are more sensitive to noises in comparison to cows for meat production. We can say that:

  • a slow music can increase by 3% the daily production of milk on cows
  • a fast music can decrease it by 2%.

The classic and country music have more positive effects on the cows’ behavior in comparison to the negative effects caused by rock or heavy metal music, as this kind of music increases the stress.

Apparently, the use of classic music in the dairies for a long period produce an increase of milk production.

Studies by Hurnik J.F. and Johnson L. (1997) are of particular interest as they show how much music can have a so much stimulating result on cows that it can influence the speed of the cows in coming to the milking parlor.

Female buffalos, as well, are sensitive to music. Actually, when they hear a slow and melodic music they stay still, they stop ruminate and they steer their ears to the source of sound: these are all relaxing messages. Calming and relaxing music, also for female buffalos, results in an increase of milk production, instead high level of stress causes a decrease of the total milk production.