New F488 Double Teat-Scrubber Unit Installed in California, U.S.A

Another Puli-Sistem teat-scrubber is now up and running in California, in the United States!
The “Vanderkooi Dairy farm” in Riverdale milks 3300 cows 3 times per day inside a parlor with 72 stalls and 4 milkers per shift.

The main need was to improve prepping consistency and cleaning process; what better choice than our F488 Double teat-scrubber system?

Our F488 DOUBLE uses 4 rotating brushes ideal for washing and meticulous cleansing any type of teat. It has a control panel with 1 dosing pump and 2 handle units (scrubbers); the trigger switch is an air switch, meaning that there is no voltage at all in the handle!

F488 is the best solution for larger dairies and rotary parlors.

Thanks to our teat-scrubber system, the risk of mastitis will be reduced, as well as water wastage. Moreover, you will eliminate electric energy costs used for the washing of the laundry or paper towels, your cows will feel more “cuddled” and you will see an increase of your profits!

The Puli-Sistem tea-scrubbers are great: you will gain time and benefits from the first day of installation.