Our F60 was “blessed” by the French Monks too.

Our F60 was “blessed” by the French Monks too.

We succeed in making the Monks of Monastere Notre Dame, in their farm La Ferme du Plateau at Carcanieres, happy, thanks to our French dealer Mrs. Joelle Michalak.

In this case, we are not talking about a big farm, but we are talking about people who have the well-being of their cows close to their heart.

The monks of Notre Dame milk 16 cows in a tie stall, twice per day: they’ve decided to install our F60 to improve the health of their herd, to speed up the milking routine and to optimize the cows teats stimulation.

These farmers monks make a yummy cheese. And they say that our teat scrubber is a benediction.
Thanks to our F60 they get more high quality milk by reducing the time of the milking process. 

To sum up

Since the first use of the scrubber, the benefits of our system are clear:

  • a complete and accurate cleaning action for each teat,
  • a definitive elimination of the cross contamination,
  • a significant time saving and money saving in the pre-milking routine.

The milking process is made easy; in only one step the Puli-sistem scrubber accomplishes multiple pre-milking procedures, by reducing the time cows spend in the parlor. 

The udder health gets better and the quality and quantity of the milk harvest of the monks increases significantly.

For a farmer, milking is so routine, frankly, they don’t even think about it.

But thanks to our products we can demonstrate that milking routines must stay top of mind.

So our scrubbers are a “must-have” for every farmer who is looking for optimizing its milk harvest. 

It’s never too early to start thinking about a new parlor routine, or rather about how to improve the important and delicate pre- milking phase.