Ozone in the dairy: what it is for and why it improves your yield

The main goal of any dairy is to have healthy cows. In order to have healthy cows it is important to have udders always clean and disinfected.

Controlling infectious diseases can not only reduce the impact of environmental mastitis but may also lead to higher milk production.

So it is essential to have a pre-milking routine that uses the right tools for sanitizing the cows udders in the best way possible.

A correct pre-dipping practice also reduces the stress of your cows, by keeping your cows in good health and more productive.
For this reason, we offer a new pre-milking hygiene option to our customers: the Ozone.

Ozone is one of the most environmentally-friendly option you could use; it is really attractive for dairy and food industries.
Ozone is a highly oxidizing gas and it is effective against a wide spectrum of mastitis causing organism, including gram-positive/negative bacteria and viruses.

Our Ozone Generator produces Ozone on-site, quickly and whenever it is needed.

Systems to create it involve splitting Oxygen O² to make Ozone O³ through the use of an electrical arc.
Ozone added to water to end up with 2 parts per million of ozone can be used in your pre-milking routine, eliminating the use of costly chemical products.
Ozone is only active for 40 minutes but when it’s working as a disinfectant it smells like a rainstorm.

Because it has no shelf life, the Ozone production must be continuous and the recycle system of our F488 REC makes sure to maintain the 2 ppm concentration. 

Nowadays the dairy business rewards the animal – and environmentally – friendly products. That’s why we are working hard on reducing the use of antibiotics and drugs.

When ozone water is used through the teat scrubber, there is no residue in the milk. In addition, the ozone water helps promoting healing on the skin of the teat.

For a farm, having this kind of system means an important investment. Exactly, an investment! This expense is justified by the money you will save in the long term.

Check it out! You will immediately see that healthy cows, together with a better environment, produce more milk and you will have less cost for keeping your herd in a good health.