Parlor routine at Feyz Hayvancilik Farm

In this video you can see the first Turkish breeder who has decided to use our brush. He’s been using it for 3 years. His farm milks 950 cows, three times a day.

“Dear Ciftci Tv televiewers,

welcome to my farm, I’m Sencer Solakoglu, the owner of Feyz Hayvancilik Farm , located in Bursa Karacabey, Turkey.

Today I want to talk to you about how run a successful farm and earn money thanks to a high quality milk.

Here at our farm, we firstly pay attention to cows’ teats. We take care of our cows teats in order to reduce mastitis and any other disease. 

So now I want to show you the pre-milking routine we follow at our farm. We train all our milkers with some technical and practical instructions. 

Just to briefly introduce you our parlor: it is a parallel, double 24, and each milker takes care of 8 cows.

Here is our parlor routine works:

  • Firstly, we apply a pre-dipping solution because, especially in spring, our cows are really dirty
  • Then, we use the Puli-sistem teat scrubber. As soon as the brushes scrub the teats, the udder is stimulated in order to have a faster milk letdown
  • After cleaning and disinfecting the teats with the Puli-sistem teat scrubber we put the cluster

It is really important to prep the cows before milking.

Look at how the scrubber runs! You can see that the Puli-sistem teat scrubber does a good cleaning job! Actually the teats are really well cleaned.

We know that healthy teat ends reduce the risk of mastitis and improve milk performance. So both hygiene on the udder and in the parlor area plays a key role in the parlor routine.”