bi-blending system


Minimize waste and ensure multiple blending ratio

The Puli-sistem Bi-blending for bi-components chemical detergents and disinfectants allows to mix any bi-component chemicals, regardless of different density or different product percentage.

Built in anti-corrosive materials like stainless steel and pvc it guarantees top rating performance with any corrosive chemical products and it can be used to improve hygiene and care of dairy cows teats, both before and after milking.

The design of our mixing device is really innovative and simple. Actually, it includes only one mixing vessel with two peristaltic pumps and two flowmeters that provide you accurate measurement of the products quantities needed.

Our exclusive blending system supplies a RTU disinfectant solution. The final product will not have to sit in a canister for months, as it is prepared when needed. This highly improves product efficacy, as the solution is always fresh.

By eliminating the manual mixing operations, you avoid the risk of incorrect blending concentrations and product waste.

Even with our Bi-blending, Puli-sistem delivers what the farmer needs as it produces solution         on-site, mixing activator and base formulations according to the farmers necessities.

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