Control Unit

We always need to create technologies for farms, for this reason we’ve designed our new Control Unit.

This is an updated control panel with a waterproof construction and with outstanding features.

It can work with both our teat scrubbing systems: the F71 or the F488. It can also handle 2 scrubbers simultaneously and you can select each individually brush.

The bigger and more efficient PLC of our Control Unit displays additional functions that will help you in saving and analyzing data about your pre-milking routine.

You can manage your parlor by monitoring the performance and by controlling everything. Actually, our unit will tell you what’s happening in your parlor.

Some example of the very useful data you can read on the Control Unit touchscreen are:

  • How many trigger pulls
  • How many brush cycles are completed
  • How many overload
  • How many liters of water are used in each shift
  • How many cc of chemical product are used in each shift

It is a very useful tool for managing your parlor and it has unlimited and quick adjustments for different parlor configurations.


Project Details