F488 REC

The environmentally-friendly teat scrubber.

Give your cows the royal treatment with our F488 REC.

Its innovative recycle system highly improves the efficiency of any kind of sanitizer.
Actually, the F488 REC includes a recycle system to keep the disinfectant water circulating. Therefore, also sanitizers with a limited shelf life will be more effective in destroying bacteria.
Another important advantage is that the recycling will keep the solution temperature steady.
There is a long list of reasons to feed our recycling teat scrubber as a part of a good dairy program:
No waste of water, you will only use the amount of water you need in order to clean your cows
No impact on the environment, neither on the operator. It is well known that recycling is one of the environment’s best friend
Cost savings, you never waste disinfectant solution
Time saving, as the sanitizing solution is always ready to use and fresh
Highly improvement of product efficacy

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