Teat Scrubbers – F60

Easy to use and versatile, it is a great tool in the dairyman’s hands. Learn how to enhance your parlor productivity and make your routine more consistent.

Highest quality milk comes from healthy cows. A healthy herd produces more milk and allows you the time to focus on your herd management priorities. Reducing prepping time and increasing prepping consistency will have a quick, positive impact on your bottom line.

Consistency is key to success in a milking parlor. Whether it’s the small organic farm, or the large operation, consistency is the value added that makes your parlor more productive and your cows better milked.

Sometimes milkers don’t follow parlor routine as expected. Parlor management is typically more time-focused than production-oriented. It is believed that using less time to milk your cows means to run an efficient, productive parlor.

But it’s just not all about time.

Sometimes getting as many cows as possible through the parlor in the shortest amount of time does not mean making the best choice for your heard, or for the bottom line. Whenever udder prep is not carried out carefully, milk quality is threatened and this can result in in higher mastitis rate and lower production.

Time is money.
But high quality milk is as well.

Advantages of the F60

  • Great stimulation and faster milk letdown
  • Great teat cleaning action
  • More consistent routine
  • Time saving
  • Higher quality milk
  • User friendly
  • Affordable
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy maintenance

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