Always fresh and accurate RTU sanitizer

This is a blending device for mixing any chemical detergents and disinfectants, with or without water. In the dairy sector, it can work together with pre or post dipping systems. In addition, it can runs together with milking robot like VMS – AMR – AMS.
It is well-known that when chemical products are used to treat teats, different combinations of chemicals are routinely mixed together in order to achieve optimal performance in both pre- and post- dip applications. And once blended, the shelf life of the chemicals is important.
This is why our Mini-blending is designed to provide the flexibility to dispense properly diluted (or not diluted) and always fresh chemical at the concentration that works best for your application.
Each precursor, (you can use 2 or 3 chemicals according to your needs) is individually pumped into a system measurement vessels, and then released into a separate mixing vessel that is or isn’t pre-filled with a specified volume of potable water.
It is versatile enough to handle any chemical product and it can be adjusted to handle multiple blending rates.

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