Puli-Sistem, a success story at the service of breeders: Eco Mixer

Given the great success of our technology in many parts of the world and the interest shown by breeders, today we will tell you about Eco Mixer in detail.

We are talking about cutting-edge technology, essential for improving udder hygiene, both before and after milking.

Eco Mixer is an innovative semi-automatic system necessary to manually mix two liquid chemical products, even if of different densities and with various concentrations.

When we talk about improving hygiene before and after milking, we are also talking about improving the well-being of cows and the quality of their milk.

Thanks to the semi-automatic technology, each farmer can be sure to use the exact quantity of product necessary, avoiding waste.

Even if we talk about technology, it’s not something complex. As with all our products, our goal is to improve farmers’ life, which is why our technology is easy to install and program. Moreover, it’s designed to work even with products with a more sustained cleaning effect.

When we make our products, we think they must last over time. That’s why we use the best raw materials, those that can withstand hard work, such as PVC, polycarbonate, and 316L stainless steel.

Come and discover all our products in our presentation.

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