Puli-Sistem, a success story at the service of breeders: Multi-Mixer

Our story begin in 1989, and since then we have never stopped looking for new technologies at the service of breeders.

If it is true that a long time has passed since the beginning, our passion is always the same. Our designers and testers, thanks also to the invaluable support of customers, are constantly studying new technologies to make Puli-Sistem an innovative company.


The Multi-Mixer is a technology designed to mix, with adjustable doses, the number of liquid disinfectants, automatically dispensed thanks to a compressed air pump.

So many advantages:

  1. Blends different substances regardless of the density of the product and the mixing concentrations
  2. It is the only mixing system with two peristaltic pumps that give a precise measurement of the quantity of product needed
  3. The mixed product is always homogeneous and optimal to avoid waste
  4. All its functions are programmed and controlled by a PLC
  5. It works perfectly even with highly disinfectant products
  6. All the materials used for its construction are super resistant over time to guarantee your investment

To know everything about Multi-Mixer and our products, read our presentation.