Puli sistem, great relationships to grow together

Puli-sistem has been working in the dairy sector since 1989, when its first product “The Pulimamm” was launched on the Italian market. It was the first time that spinning brushes and disinfectant entered the milking parlor. Our first teat scrubber was bigger, heavier. A mobile cart teat scrubbing system, equipped with a battery, was available as well. It was a success, but not enough.

That was only the beginning and we have come a long way since then.

Nowadays our systems are in use in Belarus, Russia, Europe, Turkey, Japan, China, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, Usa, Brazil, Israel, Chile, South Africa, UAE. Actually we partner with local dealers who have been trained with every step of the Puli-sistem process, from install to service.

After so many years of activity, we can proudly say: “Puli-sistem often imitated never duplicated! The global leader in the teat scrubber market!”

The results we got are the outcome of the good relationships we have with all our clients. These relationships, over the years, has made us understand what we had to improve in order to optimize the performance of our technology.
So thanks to you, to your testimonials and considerations, we have grown trough time.

If we succeed in improving your working life and in increasing your profits, we have also to warmly thank you!

Merry Christmas and Happy 2022!