Puli Sistem: here we go with our new presentation

This long-lasting period of changes has encouraged our wish to meet our clients and even more our desire to introduce Puli-sistem and their products, appreciated all over the world.

In these months, we are receiving many phone calls from new contacts who are looking for information on our products. We will talk about that in the next article.

We have projected a brand-new company presentation, in order to introduce us to the new contacts and to update our loyal customers.

If you didn’t know, Puli-sistem, born in 1989, is the pioneer, worldwide, in the field of the pre and post milking technologies.

In these over 30 years of work, we’ve always had a mania for the technological research in order to offer to our customer an effective help for managing their farms, a help able to:

  • reduce the time of pre-milking routine
  • make the pre-milking process consistent
  • improve the animal well-being
  • increase the production of high quality milk
  • increase the famers profits.

These are important goals to reach but we believe in it and the feedback of our customers (see the testimonials section on our presentation) seem to agree with us.

So, now you just have to download our presentation to be familiar with us.