healthy cow with f60

Puli-Sistem is: Experience Who Does Make The Difference

Last week we got the umpteenth proof: in addition to our products quality, our years of experience symbolize, for our customer, an important added value. 

Goodbye F50 after no less than 15 years 

Campostrini farm, located near Verona, in the north of Italy, with a herd of 150 cows, bought our old model, the F50 in 2003. 

Our teat scrubber stopped working this year: after no less than 15 years of honorable work.

During these 15 years, our teat scrubber has always carried out its task, without problems. It only needed some regular maintenance.

So we can say that this famer was a loyal customer. For him, our teat scrubber was an important part of his milking routine. 

Welcome F60

He says that he can’t do without our teat scrubber, so he has decided to install the F60. 

In case of dairy cattle by automating the correct washing procedure and taking care of the proper cleaning and drying of cows teats, time can be saved and profit increased.

For every cattle from today it’s indispensable to save time, reduce costs and above all take care of the quality of the products.

So, good hygiene when milking, a healthy animal and as a few bacteria as possible in the milk are synonymous with the productivity of a farm.

Here at Puli-sistem, a leading company, which is being active in sector research and production of pre-milking equipment for 29 years, are here for this. 

We offer different models of teat scrubber and each model guarantees the following advantages:

  1. A drastic reduction of the number of bacteria in the milk within the standard requirements for receiving the high quality certificate.
  2. A consistent pre-milking routine that prepares the cow the same way every time.
  3. Effective stimulus of the teat brought about by the rotation of the brushes.
  4. Elimination of the first squirts of milk obtained by the rotary movement of the brushes.
  5. Washing and disinfecting of the entire surface of the teat in half of time.
  6. Recovery about 20% of milking time thanks to the increase and elimination of oxytocin giving by the massage effect of the brushes.
  7. An 80% reduction of water and elimination of towels and other means of drying. 

Check it out! With the use of our teat scrubber you will get more profit at lower cost. That’s why you should choose Puli-sistem.