Puli-sistem is looking for new partners in Canada

Puli-sistem, with its over 30 years of experience, is the global innovator in the technologies at the service of farmers for the animal well-being and for optimizing the quality and the quantity of the produced milk.

Today, we are looking for new Canadian partners who will take care of selling, installing, promoting our products and who will also handle the maintenance of our systems.

Puli-sistem has been working in Canada since many years and many farmers already know us. Nowadays, it’s time to make a transition and to publicize the Puli-sistem technologies to new clients.

Who we are looking for

An expert on the dairy sector, someone who is able:

  • to establish relations of trust with our loyal customers and with the new prospective ones
  • to act by oneself in finding new customers and in distributing our products
  • to promote, to distribute, to install and to service our technologies (our products need only a very little maintenance)

What we offer

training on our products, on the installation and maintenance process (you don’t need a previous experience)
assistance on site at your first order
support in the Startup phase for the installation of our technologies in the first farm, and additional help when needed
help in every step of the installation and maintenance process of the technologies of the Puli-sistem method when you place your first order

We want to create an honest and collaborative relationship with all our customers and partners, because our customers success is also our success

If you are interested, you can know everything on Puli-sistem by visiting our website or by contacting us:


T: (0039) 0374 66808