Puli-Sistem Teat-Scrubber tooks Oman too!

With our livestock solutions your bottom-line increase!

Thanks to the collaboration of our distributors in the Middle East, Tjepko Bakker and Essem Mansour of the “Farm Service BV”, the Mazoon Dairy farm located in Oman, installed 12 F488 Double systems in 2 milking parlors. The first is a double 50, while the second is a double 30. The company owns 9 thousand cows and are going to increase the number to around 15 thousand by next year!

Given the large number of cows, it is essential to think about their health in order to increase milk production and quality.

Here are some advantages that Puli-Sistem teat-scrubbers offer:

-Labor: the first thing to consider is that the use of our teat-scrubbers make it possible to optimize the use of the resources used.

– Uniformity in the milking process: with the use of our teat-scrubbers you will get a clear improvement in the consistency of the milking process from the first hour of use!

-Maintenance: the addition of new technologies within your parlors does not necessarily imply more maintenance, rather it means taking the right prevention measures with the aim of achieving even more significant efficiency.

Puli-Sistem’s cutting-edge innovation and technology will help you increase productivity, optimize the resources used and improve the quality of your milk!

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