Puli Sistem: technology made in Italy in the dairies throughout the world

We’ve already talked about the innovative transitions of the modern zootechnics here. We know how it is important to join a new cultural era regarding the management of the dairies, an era that is more and more an expression of the technological innovation.

If it is true that the current strategies for managing the dairies include a lesser use of antibiotic, it is also true that you can improve the well-being of the animals thanks to the use of the technology.

The technological research has been the flagship of Puli Sistem since over 30 years.

The feedback we received from farmers, from all over the world, who are using our products to run their dairies, confirm how it is helpful to have a consistent pre-milking routine and to rely on the use of useful data, that our technology provides, in order to optimize time and resources.

The Puli Sistem staff, verify every day how the modernization in the dairies gives benefits, both to the animals and to the farmers business.

The traceability of the steps in the pre-milking routine is one the keystone for the success of the dairies for today and for the future.

It is important that farmers are aware of the advantages a new technology can bring to their job. For this reason our commercial service is always at your disposal for any information or discussion you might need.

Hoping that we will return to travel soon and meet you at the farm shows, we invite you to visit us here:


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